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Play a role in the fight against climate change and quickly offset your travels!

The Palais des congrès de Montréal, in cooperation with Planetair, is proud to assist you in reducing your carbon footprint. As a participant to an event taking place at the Palais, your climate impact derives primarily from your travel overland or by air.

Calculate the GHG emissions generated by your car, your air travel, public transit or your hotel stay with the appropriate calculator and offset them through the purchase of carbon credits. Enter the event code that was communicated to you by your event organizer. The code is only used for statistical purposes. If you did not receive a code, simply leave the field blank. You will then receive a carbon offset certificate and your money will be invested in a project of your choice; the Palais receives no remittance from these operations.

High quality carbon credits that you can trust. Planetair’s philosophy is to offer the best carbon credits available on the market, namely those certified Gold Standard, the most stringent standard in terms of GHG reductions.