Calculate your Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Offset your GHGs

Assess and offset your carbon footprint with Planetair!

Discover the climate impact of your daily habits (housing, travel, etc.) with our precise calculators. Following this assessment, you'll have the opportunity to neutralize your footprint by supporting one of our portfolios featuring Gold Standard-certified climate projects.

At the end of the process, a Planetair offset certificate and a receipt will be sent to you by email, confirming your commitment to a more sustainable future.

Why choose Planetair?

Planetair Global Portfolio : Our foundational portfolio gathers carefully selected Gold Standard-certified projects known for their tangible, measurable, and verified impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The benefits of these projects we invest in are certified by Gold Standard offset credits (carbon credits).

Local Portfolios : For those aiming to amplify their local impact, we offer additional portfolios that include climate initiatives in Canada, Quebec, and the Sahel. These portfolios combine international Gold Standard projects with the advantage of supporting initiatives closer to home.

Trust and Transparency : The Gold Standard label is the global benchmark for carbon offsetting. It assures that every project we back generates tangible climate benefits certified by Gold Standard offset credits (carbon credits). Planetair is endorsed by the "Protégez-Vous" magazine and the David Suzuki Foundation. Our transactions are audited annually by independent auditors (CPA).

Join us in our mission for a greener and more responsible world!